Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Paleo

So, since I'mnew to the Blogging world, I thought I might share that I'm also new to the Paleo World and so far... I LOVE IT!!!! Hubby and I have been on it since before our wedding, 3 weeks ago, however we lost ourselves on our cruise and pigged out... literally! So just last week, we said enough is enough and we did MAJOR cleaning in our kitchen!
As we can call it... Say NO to Crap!
We got rid of all the dressings, toppies, marinades, etc. that have artificial ingredients, perservatives, or that is processed! Our fridge and pantry looked completely empty! Tpday i'm going shopping and Wednesday we're picking up our first share from Annie's Buying Club. We're so excited! Some of our friends have signed up and they pick up organic veggies and fruits every week and some even get eggs and milk. Its awesome because you get what's in season, so you know it'll be fresh! I'll take some photos and keep you posted on how it goes on Wednesday. But for now...we're taking it one step at a time and we feel fabulous!!! =)

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  1. I'd love to read some recipes you use! i'd love to do this, but i'm not sure if i'm ready for such a big change...i'll keep you posted!! :o)congrats on getting your blog started! i'm your first follower :o)