Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching Up... Earth Day

It's so hard to find time to post all the goodies I'd like to! I'm working on posting some great recipies, for my Paleo Friends. My problem is remembering to take pictures!!! yikes!
We've been working on Wonderful Earth Day Craftivities and they're coming out awesome! Thanks to A Cupcake for the Teacher's Earth Day Craftivity set on

I Heart the Earth....

I let the students use their imagination and draw Earth the way they wanted to! Creative huh!?

Mosaic Earth!

The students had a blast completing these Earth Day Craftivities!

I'm going to try... but can't promise, to post at least every other day or every 2 days to catch up with all the posting I want to share with all of you!
I'm also going to post some freebies!! Stay tuned

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Friday...

Since tomorrow is Good Friday, we have no school. Today is like our Friday and since things have been so hectic with testing and holidays and report cards etc. I decided to do some fun craftivities with my class. I was blog stalking this week and found some great ideas... Thank you Reagan from Tunstall's teaching Tidbits
Rainbow Name Bow Craftivity came to my rescue! After brainstorming and assisting my little 1st grade rascals they came out very cute!

My kids were actually very bright when it came to describing themselves!!! =)

Kuddos to them!!!

This week  our story was Blast Off... so I took some ideas from Reagan and created my own little rocket ship craftivity! Thank you for the idea Reagan!

So I created my own rocket, and I had my stdents write their list on what they would take with them if they were going outerspace inside the rocket ship.

And this is how it came out...

Very cute for coming up with is in 10 minutes... my printer was down so I had to think fast!
Thanks again Reagan!!!!

I wish I would've started blogging sooner so I could post everything I've done with my kiddos throughout the year! As the school year comes to a close I will def. post up our fun and freebies for all of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mmm Fruits & Veggies

Hey everyone! So yesterday was Wednesday and my husband and I went to pick up our first share! We were super excited to see what it was going to be like, how much we were going to get, etc! Well this is what it looked like:

Let me tell you guys something, if you live in Florida, this is definately the way to go! I'm not sure if the club delivers to any other states... For $45.00 we got a ton of beautiful organic fruits and vegetables. We are so excited and can't wait to get cooking!! Please check out Annie's Buying Club

In addition, my birthday is this Sunday and so my lovely co-workers wanted me to eat Cake.... EAT WHAT??? Yeah right! I told them I wasn't going to eat cake and look what they surprised me with...

 A FRUIT BOWL CAKE!!!!! How awesome is that!!! They say I suck but I love my choices and this was a great surprise!!! My kids (students) were even a little surprised when they saw the candle in the fruit bowl. Happy Birthday to Me... eating this way will allow me to stay many years Young as I get older!! =)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Paleo

So, since I'mnew to the Blogging world, I thought I might share that I'm also new to the Paleo World and so far... I LOVE IT!!!! Hubby and I have been on it since before our wedding, 3 weeks ago, however we lost ourselves on our cruise and pigged out... literally! So just last week, we said enough is enough and we did MAJOR cleaning in our kitchen!
As we can call it... Say NO to Crap!
We got rid of all the dressings, toppies, marinades, etc. that have artificial ingredients, perservatives, or that is processed! Our fridge and pantry looked completely empty! Tpday i'm going shopping and Wednesday we're picking up our first share from Annie's Buying Club. We're so excited! Some of our friends have signed up and they pick up organic veggies and fruits every week and some even get eggs and milk. Its awesome because you get what's in season, so you know it'll be fresh! I'll take some photos and keep you posted on how it goes on Wednesday. But for now...we're taking it one step at a time and we feel fabulous!!! =)