Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flower Power

Sooo thing has been a Loooonnnnggg Weekend for me since my Hubby has stayed at work for Overtime! While he's been working hard I've been playing hard getting all my pics and documents ready to share with all of you!
We're having our Mother's Cay Celebration this Friday and my kiddos have been hard at work getting ready their Mother's Day Cards for mom.

This flower is not yet complete. The center of the flower will have the student's picture on it and a small poem will go on the bottom. =)

I have my students write a coupon for their mom on each stem. When they glue the flower pot, they DO NOT glue the top or center so that the flower can be pulled out of the flower pot to read the coupon.
The inside of the card has a questionnaire all about MOM, sorry I forgot to take pics of it.

Since we're in the Flower Rhythm I gave my students another Flower Craftivity. It also allowed them to write something nice about one of their classmates.  I decided to make this my FIRST FREEBIE!!!!! =)
I'm so excited! However, please bare with me as I'm still learning Google Docs etc. Enjoy and I will be posting more as the school year comes to a close. However, next school year I will be more on the Ball with posting all the fun craftivities! =)  

I'm Bloomin' Over ______ because....

Click on the above templates and download them. Enjoy!!!

This week we're testing all week with the SAT 10.... ahhhh!! I'm sure my kiddos will do AMAZING since they've worked very hard all year! We're starting our Plant Unit in the afternoon and I can't wait. I've been blog stocking and found super ideas. I purchased Plenty of Plants Unit from Made for 1st Grade and got a Super Fun Hairy Head Grass Experiment that I can't wait to start! I'll keep you posted during the week! 

Thanks for stoppin' by, have a Marvelous Monday! =)


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    1. Thanks! I'm just having a hard time making the document a PDF to make it easier on everyone if they want a copy of it. =0